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NABMA conference 2020


Sara González presented at the latest NABMA conference in Birmingham on the 30th of June. The presentation drew on some of our preliminary findings from the customer survey that we have carried out in Grainger Market, Newcastle, and wider findings from our interviews and workshops regarding the community value of markets. These findings clearly evidence how markets can be spaces for meaningful social interaction, bringing together users from very different communities and age groups. We are busy analysing the results from our other customer surveys in Bury and Queens Markets and we are hoping to be able to share these very soon. Please note that whilst we plan to make our case study findings widely available, the data in this presentation is from a draft report, so do get in touch or check back to access the revised figures, once our reports are finalised and published on the website.

Winners of the Great British Market Award 2020 were announced at the conference and, for the second year in a row, one of our case study markets collected the gong for Britain's Favourite Market. This year, it was the turn of Newcastle's Grainger Market, following Bury Market's success in 2019. Among the innovations highlighted by the win were Grainger's young trader markets, support for the Dementia Friendly Newcastle scheme and it's hosting of artist Sharon Baileys 'Home Alone' exhibition which highlighted the loneliness experienced by elderly people.