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New evidence for the community value of markets


On 30th July 2021 Dr Myfanwy Taylor presented a summary of research findings from our three case study markets at NABMA's London and South Regional Meeting. The presentation highlighted key findings common to the three markets, such as their importance to lower-income communities, whilst reflecting on each market's strengths, challenges and unique qualities.

Collectively, the case studies demonstrate that the current strengths of traditional retail markets and their key user groups are often poorly recognised and valued. This is leading many local authorities to believe that, in order to address problems created by historic disinvestment, markets must diversify their offer, to attract a new, younger and more affluent customer base.

The presentation closes with a number of recommendations for both local and national actors within the sector. Key among these is a recommendation to re-position traditional markets as community hubs for social and economic recovery. Further guidance on best practice, informed by Markets4People research, will be detailed in two forthcoming handbooks, to be published in Sept/Oct 2021.

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New evidence for the community value of markets (pdf), File Download