Campaigns and community groups

By sharing rigorous data on the community value of traditional markets we hope to strengthen the case of campaigners and community groups, particularly in processes of urban regeneration when markets are often under threat. Our published outcomes and tools will provide evidence to be added into “community/equality impact assessments” of planning application processes and will be discussed at dedicated workshops and published in publically available reports disseminated via social media.

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Resources for campaigners and community groups

Links to further publications can be found on the Resources page.

Heygate Was Home
An outstanding timeline of the regeneration/ destruction of a large council estate in London. Very good insight into complexities of the planning process

Just Space – London For All! (2015)
Inspiring case studies on how different groups can have control over their diverse independent workspaces (including 2 markets)

Save Brixton Arches (2015)
Great example of a small piece of research done by activists as part of the Save Brixton Arches Campaign on The Impact of proposed shop evictions in Brixton’s Station and Atlantic Road arches

Staying Put: An Anti-gentrification Handbook for Council Estates in London (2014)
Not about markets but a really useful brief guide to understanding gentrification in a housing context, and tips for successfully contesting regneration plans at a local level

Traditional Markets: Action Research and Campaigning
A website originally created in 2015 to support an action research project funded by the Antipode Foundation and carried out by Dr Sara Gonzalez (Principal Investigator for this project) and Gloria Dawson at the University of Leeds