Market Operators and Managers

Evidence generated from customer surveys in our three case studies markets and disseminated via reports and dedicated workshops will provide market operators and managers with increased knowledge of their customer base. At national level, our research will support market operators’ and managers’ activities aimed at evidencing the added value of this sector vis-a-vis corporate supermarkets at a time of increased competition and shrinking public budgets, thus providing a more grounded basis for government decisions.

Supported by our Co-Investigators NMTF and NEF, and also by NABMA, we will be inviting market managers and operators to take part in interviews and workshops to explore major issues affecting and influencing traditional markets in the UK and to share understandings of how their community value can be identified and enhanced. Having co-produced this research we then intend to hold workshops to share our published findings and gathered best practice, with the aim of developing useable and replicable policy tools.

Please contact us if you would like to contribute or would just like to know more about the project. You can also follow us on Twitter @Markets4People.