Market Users

Through our research we aim to raise awareness of the community value of traditional markets and have an impact on decisions regarding their promotion and improvement in general. We will target government agencies and third sector organisations working with vulnerable groups to make sure that our proposed policy tools reach these groups.

In 2019 we conducted a large-scale survey with 500 customers at each of three UK markets to gain an in-depth and rigorous understanding of markets users’ experiences. A number of regular market users were then invited to take part in focus groups to help us develop our understanding of the survey data and build a richer image of the everyday experience of shoppers. Towards the end of the project we will share our findings at events within each of the case-study markets and seek feedback from all those involved.

Our Case Studies

Our case-study markets will be case studies will be Bury Market, Newcastle’s Grainger Market and Queens Market, London. Follow us on Twitter @Markets4People for the latest updates or click on the tiles below for information about each of the markets.

Voted Britain’s Favourite Market in the NABMA Great British Market Awards 2019, Bury Market attracts visits from other market authorities hoping to follow its example, as well as shoppers who travel from across the UK.
Newcastle’s Grainger Market stood out to our research team because of the success with which it appears to combine traditional market elements with modern innovations and more upmarket goods.
Queen’s Market is one of London’s most ethnically diverse markets, selling a range of goods and particularly specialising in African, African-Caribbean and Asian foods.